Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Trust Administration, And Trusts And Estate Litigation

Estate Planning, Administration, And Litigation Counsel During Life-Changing Times

Estate planning not only forces us to deal with the realities of getting older, but also serves a vital purpose to ensure that our needs and desires will be met in times of crisis, disability, or death. Having spent many years focusing on the planning, administration, and litigation of trusts and estates, general conservatorships, limited conservatorships, guardianships, custodianships, special needs trusts, financial powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney for health care, advance directives, our firm is devoted to working with clients in an understanding, caring, and compassionate manner from start to finish.

Typical estate planning documents include:

  • A will – the foundational document that directs who inherits your estate and allows you to maintain control of your financial legacy.
  • Trusts – including living trusts, special needs trusts, charitable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and complex trusts to minimize estate tax liability.
  • Community property agreements – which may ease the transfer of title and provide better income tax planning through the use of step-up in basis upon death strategies.
  • Durable powers of attorney for financial management – to minimize the need for costly conservatorship proceedings.
  • Durable powers of attorney for health care / advance health care directives – to ensure your end of life directives are exactly as you desire.
  • Transfer documents – such as quit claim deeds, assignments of interest, affidavits to avoid costly and time-consuming probate proceedings.

We have a long and positive reputation reflecting decades of experience helping clients throughout California plan for their needs, avoiding unnecessary complications, taxes, court proceedings, and family acrimony and disputes. We empathize with your situation, respect the goals you set for your family and yourself, and help you establish a plan that you understand and also makes sense for your personal, tailored needs.

We assist families across California with their estate planning; the attorneys at BPMNJ guide clients through the procedural difficulties of probate and trust administration. We strive to find efficient ways to minimize the work and cost of administration, doing so in an ethical and cost-saving manner to save you and your family money, and aggravation created by complex laws.

In unique times when family members or third parties cause problems, create personal and financial elder abuse, fail to properly account for estate assets, or even steal from those unable to protect themselves, we are your zealous advocate; protecting you and your estate from elder abuse and other acts which violate your personal rights and property.

We pride ourselves in safeguarding your loved ones with special needs, or vulnerable adults dealing with dementia or other disabilities and illnesses. Unlike other firms who provide the same boilerplate estate plan for multiple clients, the attorneys at BPMNJ understand that no two families are the same, and we will work with you to understand the type of estate planning services that will benefit you the most.

We Will Take The Time To Get To Know You And Provide Customized Legal Services

We tailor our services based on your specific needs. In some cases, we represent clients in the early stages of dementia who face challenges in caring for themselves or their home. Our focus is to ensure the best interests and safety of our client(s) are protected in each case.

As a society, we are living longer lives – which includes more years of good-quality life and more years of reduced-quality of life. We tailor our services based on your specific needs. It is during these times of reduced ability that needs are greatest. By planning ahead, you can have the peace of mind to know that you will be taken care of as you choose.

Your preliminary questions made be answered here but we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your estate planning, administration, and litigation needs.

Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Trust Administration, And Trusts And Estate Litigation Team

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