Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Mediation is a process whereby the disputing parties themselves, generally with the aid of their counsel and a neutral called "a mediator" agree to resolve their legal fight on terms they specifically agree upon. Mediations generally last a full day (or more) and occur once the parties and attorneys have sufficient information to clearly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their own and each other's positions. We have successfully handled hundreds of mediations as advocates.

Craig Judson is a trained and certified mediator, and has successfully facilitated to final resolution many different type of disputes. Craig is an effective and popular mediator among his peers because he possesses extensive experience with both civil and trust and estate litigation, and is able to effectively communicate with counsel and parties to help them understand the perspectives, risks, strengths and positions of all parties involved in the disputes. With Craig's assistance, once the parties and counsel possess this enhanced understanding, Craig is able to facilitate a final resolution that is more attractive to the parties than the stresses, expense and risks of continuing the litigation.

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